Monday, March 2, 2015

Steal of a Deal - Technical Fabric Show Coats - Part 3 - Dressage

#3 - Dressage

When dressing for the sandbox it all comes down to the military look.  It's not just a look, it's the root of the sport. Dressage Queens get a bad rap for their affinity to be polished, precise, and able to perform under pressure but they're emulating the cavalry's dedication to the horse. With all of that history, you bet you'll want to get it right!

The Romfh Feather-Lite coat
For the lower levels the coats we already talked about are acceptable in the dressage ring but I wanted to feature a traditionally styled coat. If Romfh isn’t on your radar when you’re shopping for riding apparel you need to add them to your list. I love how playful, colorful, and imaginative their shirts and breeches are but when it comes to affordable show attire they nail it. Their Feather-Lite dressage coat is a micropoly cotton blend that’s soft, stretchy and really light weight. This coat has a mesh lining that contributes to its fantastic breathability while following all of the style rules. You have the four metal button front, long length, single rear vent with accent buttons and a lovely black color with a slight sheen to the fabric.  The seams on this coat taper very nicely at the waist to give riders a flattering, feminine silhouette.  You can usually grab this one for $170.00 and I recommend purchasing it from Riding Warehouse because they offer you an entire year to return it.

This next coat is a bit more pricy but is so amazingly innovative and unique that no matter the price it's still a steal.  This is the FITS Zephyr Show Coat and it typically runs for about $300.00. This coat is all mesh and when you put it on, you'd have no idea.  I truly wish I had video of my reaction when I tried this coat on at my local Dover store.  I was able to see right through portions of the coat on the rack and actually scoffed at it with a "WTF, who would buy this? It's practically made of fish net." attitude but I put it on anyway. It was so light, it was completely solid black except for the piping, and it felt like I wasn't wearing another layer.  It floated, it breathed, it flexed and was just absolutely amazing. Dear FITS, I was a jerk and got it wrong, this is an absolutely amazing piece of apparel.  I also recommend picking this one up from Riding Warehouse because of their amazing return policy.
FITS Zephyr Show Coat

Zephyr coat lit from the inside to show mesh panels
To truly appreciate this show coat, watch the video that FITS created explaining the material and construction. 

Until next week, happy riding!

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