Monday, February 23, 2015

Steal of a Deal - Technical Fabric Show Coats - Part 2 - Jumpers and Eventing

Deserata Show Coat 
Animo Livrea
Spooks Coral Jacket
#2 - Jumpers and Eventing

Part two of our series covers the Jumper and Eventing rings. Since these disciplines are based on points and fast times your turnout is allowed to be a little more unconventional. This is where we get to ogle the beautiful designs and colors from companies like Animo, Deserata, and Spooks. While these coats are gorgeous and inventive their price tags are downright scary for most of us. They're nice to look at but as the magazine says, we're practical horsemen.

Horseware Competition Coat
Meet the Horseware Competition Coat. This is my personal favorite of all the entry level tech fabric coats and the main reason is that the navy blue coat is just a beautiful color. I am not a fan of navy blue most of the time. I love vibrant, bright blues and often times I find navy to be pretty drab. But, this navy coat is absolutely radiant and really stands out. Seriously, this will probably be the only time I recommend navy over black. The styling on this coat is a bit different than a traditional show coat, it has a shorter, slimmer fit, a single back vent instead of a double, and silver contrasting zippers and buttons. Did I mention it also has a striking red lining? Like the Kerrits Koat this jacket is lightweight, water resistant, machine washable, and has a good amount of stretch. The best part is that this awesome coat is only $100.00 and practically everyone carries it. I've linked the photos to Dover's website but everyone from Bit of Britain, VTO, SmartPak, and Mary's Tack and Feed stock this coat.
Horseware Competition Coat in Navy
Horseware Competition Coat in Black

As I mentioned last week Kerrits has also rolled out their new jacket colors for 2015 while keeping their stellar price point.  Next week I'll show you my favorites for all of you DQ's in training with part 3, technical dressage coats. Until then, happy riding!

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