Sunday, February 8, 2015

SmartPak Piper Full Seat Breeches

There’s so much to love about this SmartPak house brand breech that I’ll just start by telling you to really consider them when shopping for your schooling wardrobe.  I will also admit that I was a little late to the Piper party as practically everyone at my barn had acquired multiple pairs before I got my first.  What actually pushed me over the edge was that so many different body types looked awesome in these breeches and that’s a huge accomplishment for stretchy pants.  Smartpak also offers these breeches in plus sizes which makes them even easier to love. Let’s give most of that credit to the super soft 63% poly, 32% viscous blend fabric and the stretch synthetic suede-like seat.  These breeches are substantial enough to hold you together but they still move and breathe with you.  That’s great because there’ll be that day where you have Chipotle for dinner and utter the phrase, “Yes, I know guac is extra.” Pipers don’t judge, they’ll still love you. 

There’s some very well thought out details these breeches possess.  The ankles have a very soft and stretchy sock bottom in place of gripper elastic or velcro that’s very thin. It fits close to the leg and doesn’t feel bulky or sweaty under your boots.  Another thing I love about these breeches is the pockets. You’ve got two up front and two in the back and each one is large enough for your smart phone, treats, car keys, and lesson money. There’s also a lovely contrasting suede trim on the pockets that is such a simple but beautiful detail.  The only little thing I would pick on this breech for is that they run a bit large in the waist. If you wear a belt when you ride you won’t notice, if you don’t you may want to with these.

One of the things I’ve noticed over the years chasing equestrian apparel is that breeches are typically very conservative when it comes to color.  You get beige, black, grey, and brown unless you want to spend big bucks on a pair of Tailored Sportsmans. When SmartPak rolled out their line of pipers you immediately got merlot and grey, iron and champagne, navy and emerald, and military green and black as part of the collection.  Then they rolled out plaids in brown and blue that look just as flattering on a range of body types as their colorful solids. Yes, there is a black, and a beige color too but with bright pink and turquoise trim you still have a bit of spirit within the traditional colors.  

Piper Full Seat in Blue Plaid
Piper Full Seat in Merlot

The best feature of all on these breeches is the price.  The knee patch breeches will run around $80.00 and the full seat are $90.00.  SmartPak does give out a 15%, 20% and even 30% off code from their email list now and then so make sure to sign up for their email offers if you’re looking for a discount code.  They’re not that big of a gamble either, if they don’t fit, they can be returned without penalty and just ordering one pair qualifies for free shipping.  Hopefully you’ll love them as much as the rest of us.
Piper Plus Size
Piper Knee Patch in Charcoal
Next week I'll be featuring the first of my three part series on affordable tech fabric show coats for hunters, eventers, and dressage riders. Until then, happy riding!


  1. I recently did a review on the knee patch version on my blog: Saddle Seeks Horse! Great minds think alike. :)

  2. Thank you! I'm familiar with your blog too. I hope Knight is doing well!