Monday, March 30, 2015

Clever with Leather Figure 8 Belt

Remember how Ralphie in a Christmas Story could make the words “I want an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle!” roll right off the tongue without even blinking when asked what he wanted for Christmas? Well I had that moment October of 2014. In my case it was a wedding anniversary that united me with my beautiful Clever with Leather belt.

I had been on for months obsessing over their beautiful designs and had told myself that I would make sure there was no question how much I wanted one if anyone asked. It was a bit tough to justify spending more than the price of a lesson on a belt but I was so drawn to them that I put it on my wish list. Let me show you why.

Surcingle Belt
Double Cinch

Martingale Belt

Snaffle Bit Belt
They're all such lovely pieces and they have the horsey charm that's so familiar to us. The hardware, stitching, padding, elastic, and customizable colors make for a classically beautiful accessory. These belts are the type of piece you wear out in public and people will tap you on the shoulder and ask where you ride. Yes, true story, happened to me at Starbucks.

The belt I coveted was the Figure 8. I just thought the crossed straps, center disk with the CL logo, the bright brass buckles, and the contrast padding were so pretty. I chose the medium brown with hunter green padding. Let me just say that I've never had a belt this soft, every single stitch is perfectly spaced, the dye is vibrant, evenly distributed, and has never come off on my clothes.  This is top quality bridle leather. What else would you expect to get from a master saddler that trained in England and Scotland and now makes these belts in Versailles, Kentucky? I love supporting items that are made in the USA from mom and pop operations and I really love telling everyone about them.
My Custom Figure 8 belt
Taking it for a spin at a horse trial.
Phoenix and I being matchy matchy with our figure 8s.

If you're going to be at Rolex this year keep an eye out for their booth where you can see these awesome belts for yourself. They also make custom dog collars with matching leashes and those super cute padded leather name plate bracelets.

Things are finally starting to warm up around here so check back on Monday and I'll give you my review of the Riding Sport Cool Blast shirt by Dover Saddlery. Until next week, happy riding!

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