Sunday, January 18, 2015

Starter kit for riding lessons - Part 3 of 3 - Breeches

#3 Breeches

When you first start out, jeans will totally get you through your first batch of riding lessons. But, you will have that one lesson on a different horse, or in a different saddle, or even when your instructor tells you to drop your stirrups and then you will feel why many english riders wear breeches. The inner seam on your jeans can leave rubs on your skin when you start to develop your leg position. Leggings can be a good substitute if they have a high cotton percentage but overall, you should invest in one or two pairs of breeches for your lessons. Breeches come in many colors, fabrics, fits, and seasonal weights. When deciding on a breech make sure to measure according to the size chart provided by the manufacturer and factor in the climate you’re riding in. You will also need to decide if knee patch or full seat are right for you. Full seat breeches are most often worn in dressage and knee patch styles are favorited by jumping disciplines. Knee patches are universally correct so that’s what we’ll work with for now. Light tan and beige are classic colors that are always acceptable for lessons, clinics, and the show ring. They’re also boring and show green horse snot too easily so if your budget allows, buy a backup pair in a darker color. You can get some great starter breeches for under $100.00.

First recommendation goes to TuffRider. I wouldn’t be surprised if every rider has owned this breech at some point. These ribbed breeches are excellent at resisting stains, have a great amount of stretch and wear like iron. You can find this model in nearly every catalog and tack shop because they’re so inexpensive and universally loved.
Tuff Rider Ribb Low Rise 
Tuff Rider Ribb Low Rise for kids

Ariat has great breathable technical fabrics and their breeches are known for a forgiving fit through the hip and thigh. I have two pairs of Ariats in my closet that are almost a decade old and still going strong so I don’t hesitate to recommend these as great starter breeches.
Ariat Heritage Breech

There once was a brand called Tailored Sportsman that all the hunter jumper riders loved and adored. Ok, so they still do but a pair of Tailoreds will run you $180.00! Nope, we don’t have that kind of money, we have lessons to take. So let’s look at the best copy cat on the market, the On Course Pytchley breech. Stretchy supportive fabric? Check. Euroseat? Check. Wide belt loops and lightly contrasting knee patches for $79.00? Sold!
On Course Pytchley breech
These are my favorite bargain for a classically styled breech. The Riding Sport Competitor II breech also has the euroseat detail, a structured cotton fabric with lots of stretch, wide belt loops and clarino knee patches. They’re Dover’s in house knockoff of the Tailored Sportsman breech and they have also done a great job. These often sell for $65.00 but you can find them for even less through the various sales Dover runs.
Dover Competitor II side zip
And for something a little different I’d like to give a quick thumbs up to Kerrits for their Performance riding tights. If you’re tall and thin or you like a really light weight stretch breech that feels like a pair of running tights these should be your go to. They’re a great price, come in tons of colors and are very easy to wear. They also make adults and kids versions of this versatile breech. Heads up though many of the Kerrits breeches don’t have pockets to stash car keys or peppermints.

Kerrits Performance Tights

I hope this gives you a good foundation for building your riding wardrobe. Questions, comments, or content you’d like to see? Let me know! Remember to keep checking back every Monday morning for new product reviews. Happy riding!

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