Monday, May 18, 2015

Tredstep Summer Cool Gloves

Nearly every time I place an order for horsey stuff I buy a pair of gloves. My ring fingers blister really easily so I always make sure to have plenty of options for protecting my hands. My brand of choice over the years has been SSG because they're inexpensive, hold up pretty well, fit nicely, and they aren't a huge loss if I have to toss them.  I was going to pick up another pair of candy colored, crochet back SSGs with my latest SmartPak order but they didn't carry the color I had my eye on so I decided to try something else.

I picked up the Tredstep Ireland Summer Cool Gloves for $24.95.  This is a bit more than I'd typically spend on a pair of summer gloves because I'm pretty tough on them but since I'm really enjoying my Tredstep boots, why not explore their other lines?

Tredstep Ireland Summer Cool Gloves
The first thing I noticed about these gloves was how light and stretchy they were.  I was nervous that they wouldn't fit because they seemed so much smaller than what I've worn before. They went on very easily and had a snug, streamline, and very comfortable fit.  The back of the glove feels like a silky spandex that does a great job of allowing air to circulate and the palm side is a flexible synthetic suede with a really nice non-slip grip.

The cuffs have a ventilated padding that keeps them from twisting and sliding without feeling too restrictive and the closure at the wrist has hook and loop material that won me over the instant I discovered that it doesn't catch on the mesh sleeve of my EIS shirt. 

My absolute favorite feature on these gloves is the terrycloth like material on the back of the thumbs. I know that some other manufactures do this too but having a piece of washcloth to blot the sweat from your face with is such a great little bonus. 

I've ridden in these gloves three times so far and while I don't expect them to be the toughest farm glove on the market I don't think they will disintegrate on me either. My gloves have already been throughly drenched in sweat from after lesson "good boy" pats and multiple trips to the wash rack. The black dye hasn't bled onto my skin, and they've remained soft, avoiding that crunchy, dried out leather feel. They're virtually weightless and offer great grip and ventilation. I'd have no problem recommending these if you're looking for a sleek, simple glove that will keep you comfortable during your summer rides. 

I'll be going cross country schooling for the first time in 2015 on Friday of this week so I thought it would be fitting for my next review to be about my Charles Owen Kontakt 5 Body Protector.  Until then, happy riding!

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